Welcome to the new home of Gold Kist Chicken! We are excited to share our new logo and vision with you as we continue to provide high-quality chicken products for food service. The first thing you’ll notice is our new logo. The medal inside of the logo represents our winning recipes and pride we have in our products. The logo conveys our brand statement that we strive for every day for every customer:

Steeped in a heritage of deep expertise, and focused in the area of innovation, Gold Kist Chicken is determined to instill the highest level of confidence in the quality, value and consistency of its products. By understanding your unique needs, Gold Kist Chicken develops answers that can help you address your specific business challenges. You can count on Gold Kist Chicken to deliver consistently high-quality, premium portioned chicken that will allow you to confidently focus on your business.

Along with the launch of our new logo, we are expanding our product offerings to provide the items that you want and need. Additionally, we will provide resources that will assist you in using our products in your food service by continually releasing new recipes and menu concepts. Plus, our new website and blog will be a great resource for product information and nutrition information that will benefit your business and make your customers happy and healthy. Be sure to check back often for new posts and recipe ideas!

Though we have a new look to our brand, we still have the same great products, plus some new products perfect for K-12.

  • A+ line: Premium portioned, whole muscle items. These all white meat products provide consistent portions and a natural texture. These products are truly affordable with no fillers. -
  • PhD line: Premium Healthy and Delicious. These minimally processed, naturally proportioned items have few ingredients and contain no soy, egg or milk.
  • Homestyle and Golden Breaded Products: These everyday options come in a homestyle or golden whole grain breading and are a quality staple that work in a variety of applications.
  • Naked, Unbreaded and Dark Meat Options: We offer a wide-range of dark meat and unbreaded options that offer versatility and countless menu option.
  • Popcorn, Specialty and Breakfast Items: These products are fun, unique and versatile. Our popcorn Smackers are always a huge hit!
  • Commercial Items: In addition to our large offering of commodity items, we offer products that do not require commodity pounds to add to your menu.
  • NEW NAE Products: New to the Gold Kist line are our NAE (no antibiotics ever) products. Our NAE products provide the same great quality without any added antibiotics. Plus they are all natural and minimally processed with no added dairy or eggs.

All of the Gold Kist products have a USDA Child Nutrition (CN) label or a Product Formulation Statement (PFS) so you can confidently add them to your school meal program breakfast, lunch, snack, supper and summer menus.

In addition to the wide-variety of Gold Kist products, there are a range of quality chicken products hand-picked for K-12 food service available through the Pierce and Just Bare Chicken brands. These products have a CN label or a PFS so they can easily be added to your school meal program. 

  • Pierce Chicken: Boneless and bone-in premium whole-muscle products that focus on flavor and labor-saving convenience.
  • Just Bare Chicken: Our top-tier premium brand for customers who prefer a clean label, NAE and 100% natural products with no soy, dairy or egg.

We look forward to sharing our great products with you and helping you find solutions that work for your business and customers. Explore our website for product information, recipe ideas and product support. Contact us with any recipe suggestions or for more product information at schoolquestions@pilgrims.com or 903-434-1520.